The Good, Bad, and Ugly About Restaurant Plumbing

As the owner of a fine dining restaurant, I can confidently you plumbing is one of our greatest issues. With all the grease, disposal of scraps, and dirty oil it’s easy for things to get clogged up. It seems like every week we need to call up a local technician

Whenever so, we find it useful to select an expert from the plumbing directory. It’s an online source we can trust which provides only premier specialists.

Draining Our Dishwashing Machine

 From all of the scraps that come back from our customers, our servers tend to do a poor job brushing off the scraps. The dishwasher will do the best he can, but even then, garbage is bound to fall into the water. At least every few hours, the water should be changed to a brand-new batch. Filling it up with new hot, soapy water this frequently ensures no spots are left on the dishes. More importantly, it keeps our restaurant standards to the best they can be.

Every few weeks to a month, especially during the busy season, the dishwasher crashes. Hoses get blocked up and the drains get plugged with food scum. It is quite frustrating, but what can you do? No matter the quality of the device, it’s bound to experience faults somewhere all along the line. 

Emptying The Grease Pits

Looking past the most devastating aspect of the kitchen, now comes up another vital elimination system. Right below the stove, broiler, and fryers we have the grease pits. These easily are the most abused part of the line. Much of the food we serve at our fine dining restaurant, is cooked. Therefore, without these, we would not be in operation for very long

From time to time, with all of the oil and grease being disposed down here, they will jam up, which is why we call plumber near waukesha. Think about it for a second. What wouldn’t after hot, dirty, thick oil is being dumped in it each night? Canola oil is mainly the type we use since it is the cheapest, provides the greatest coating, and tastes the best. But damn, it sure packs a punch.

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Methods To Overcoming Destruction

 After reading this article, you’re probably wondering why one would even consider opening up a restaurant in the first place. We’ll let me tell you, it’s not as bad as you might believe. Looking past the cleanliness and immense amount of preparation, it’s certainly worth it. Just remember a lot of the plumbing can be handled just by doing plumbing yourself. Ya just have to remember the cleanup. Keeping the kitchen tidy is a must!